5 Best Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips In 2023

5 Best Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips In 2023

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Your Website is the key for your business Success, if you have a non professional website, you are missing out on gaining a lot of new customers and sales.

That’s why today, we’ll gonna walk you through the best 5 ecommerce conversion rate optimization tips To help you convert your website visitors into loyal customers and increase sales.

Tip #1 :

Your unique selling points should be highlighted to make your visitor stay and come again and again to your website to check the new discounts, offers …

these selling points could be Offers – Promotions for the month -Technical Specifications – Availability – Guarantees – warranties – refunds …

You can check out this article from Shopify, to get a whole idea of how unique selling points work: What a Unique Selling Proposition Is (And Isn’t) Plus 10 Examples to Inspire You

Tip #2:

Analyze your competitor’s websites to define their Advantages and come up with better solutions for your website, But the problem is ” How To Analyze them and where to find them? “

Simply, go to google and search for the main keyword of your website/niche ( Ex : Gold jewelry – cats toys … )

Then, All the websites displayed under the paid Search Results are to be considered your online competitors.

ecommerce conversion rate optimization

For example, As a jewelry store owner, I searched for “gold jewelry new York” in Google Search to find my competitors in this segment.

I should start analyzing the websites www.auratenewyork.com and www.traxnyc.com listed in this Organic Search Results.

You need to look at various components in your competitor’s website.

For example, let’s open the website www.traxnyc.com and have a look at the following components: 

ecommerce conversion rate optimization

Take a look at these components:

1. Website content in all pages

2. Keywords used

3. Home page design

4. Offers

5. Banners

6. Menu Items

7. Delivery Options

8. Logo

9. Pictures

10. Uniqueness

11. Security Features

12. Convenience

13. Phone Numbers

14. Terms & Conditions

15. Product Information (Look at the description for products. Photos in various angles)

16. Shopping cart experience (Buy Now, Payment Gateway, Card on Delivery, easy 2 or 3 steps purchase experience)

17. Customer newsletter and sign up strategy

18. Gift vouchers

19. Offers for festivals

20. Product Search

21. Social Media and Videos (How engaging? What customers speak?)

22. Reviews & Ratings

23. FAQ

Collect such points for all of your competitor websites and put it in an Excel. With all such points, identify best approach and flaws.

You should make sure you have resolved all flaws in your website and implement best approach. Also, create your unique website strategies to differentiate your website from competitors’. Provide better Unique Selling Points and Support options. Also, analyze your competitors’ presence in other platforms:

1. Social Media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …

2. Online Business Directories

3. Online Communities

4. Online Forums

5. Their Press Releases

6. Their Blogs

7. YouTube

Tips #3 :

Easy Checkout. Your visitor should be able to complete checkout in max 2 or 3 steps.
For example, go to www.flipkart.com and see how easy it is to purchase a product. Do not
ask for unnecessary details during checkout.

According to a survey performed by Harris Poll and Digimarc, 88 percent of adults in the United States want their in-store checkout experience to be faster.

Tip #4:

Many visitors are using Mobiles to view your website. So, If you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, you’re going to lose your mobile potential customers.

Especially that according to the statistics :

  • 69% of shoppers online use their phones to read reviews before talking to store employees 
  • 55% of shoppers online use smartphones to find product specifications while shopping in stores.
  • 53% of shoppers online search for deals and offers on their phones before speaking with employees.

Tip #5:

Create a blogging page for your business. But, Why?

  1. Increase the traffic of your website and find new prospects interested in your products /services or whatever you sell.
  2. A blog allows you to engage with clients and communicate updates in a way that reflects who you are rather than just what you do.
  3. Consider your blog as a direct line of communication. It’s a place where you can chat about your products and services in-depth, offer topical news, and comment on industry trends while letting your brand personality show through.


Try to implement these Ecommerce conversation rate optimization tips above and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Bear in mind that you should stay consistent and always try to test new ideas and see which one performs better.

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