12 Best SEO Tips For Small Businesses In 2023

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12 Best SEO Tips For Small Businesses In 2023

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SEO Stands For ‘ Search Engine Optimization ‘ , Which Is a set of rules that are used to make your website rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing … 

The More You Optimize Your Webpages For SEO , The more visibility and traffic you can drive to your website . Therefore, the more sales you can generate.

So, When someone search for a product or service related to your business and you appeared in the first page , there is more chance for that customer to visit your store and buy from you.

For that reason , we’ll gonna present to you in this article the best 12 seo tips that you should follow to increase your visibility on search engines.

Note before we start :

We will learn and practice these 12 SEO tips mostly on WordPress, but you can apply same rules even if you use other platforms like Wix, squarespace … , All  you need to do is search for ” SEO for ” + ” The platform you used to create your website” .

In our case, which is WordPress, we will use a very powerful plugin called Rankmath.

To download Rankmath :

1- Go To : Rankmath.com

2- Click On ‘ Download For Free ‘


3- Go to Your WordPress Dashboard =) Plugins =) Upload Plugin 

12 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

4- Choose The File You downloaded from Rankmath =) Click On ” Install Now “

12 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

5- Finally, Go To plugins and Click on ” Activate “

1- The focus keyword :

First thing we should begin with is to do our keyword research and select the best suitable keywords for our web pages.
There are many different tools that can help us to find the right keywords, some of them are free and some others are paid.

And here is a list of the best keyword research tools in the market in 2022 :
1-Google Keyword Planner– Free
2- KWFinder – Paid
3- SEO PowerSuite– Paid
4- SEMrush – Paid
5- Ahrefs Keywords Explorer – Paid
You can pick any one of these tools to analyze your keywords and get some suggestions.

But, you have to be careful specially if your website is new or doesn’t have any traffic yet because you should choose just and only keywords that have low competition and high search volume, so you can get a chance to rank higher in a short period of time.

Now, after you did your keyword research you need to :
1- select one focus keyword ( main keyword )
2- Select some side keywords that you have the potential to rank in.

the last step to do is to go back to the rankmath setting in your web page and write your focus keyword next to your side keywords just like the image shown below :

2-Page Title

The page title is the name of your web page and it should be unique and powerful to attract people’s attention.

The place to write the title is at the top of the page just as you can see in the image below :

seo tips

To write a powerful title , you need to follow three steps :
Step 1 – The focus keyword should be included in the title
The focus keyword : gaming headsets
Title: 5 Best gaming headsets in 2022
Step 2- The focus keyword should be in the first 4 words of the title
Step 3- To increase the readability of the page , you should consider using a number and a power word in the title.

3- URL

The focus keyword should be included in the URL , which means if our focus keyword is : ” Gaming headsets ” ; the URL can be something like : ” /5-best-gaming-headsets-in-2022/ “.

4- Meta description

The next step is to write a compelling meta description , and if you don’t know what is the meta description ?

It’s simply a brief conclusion or summarizing of your web page content, and its maximum number of characters is: 160

And just like the URL , The meta description should also include the main keywords inside it.
To find the place where to write the meta description :
1- Go to rank math setting
2- Click on ” edit snippets “

seo tips

3- A Window will pop up and at the bottom of it , you can write your text .

5- H2 - H6 Titles

The H1 refers to ” The main heading of the page”, while H2-H6 refer to ” The subheadings of the page ” because they indicate sub-levels.
Each and every single web page should have only one H1 and one or more subheadings from H2 to H6.
Note: Focus and side keywords should be included in titles from H2- H6

6- Alt Text

Alt text is the alternate textual content that defines images.

By writing an alt text , we give search engines an idea about the content of our images , so they can understand them more.

seo tips

In this way , we get more chances to appear in the image search results , which means more traffic to our websites.

7- External Dofollow Link

One of the most important factors to build a successful SEO strategy is to use link building, which we will have a complete article about it later on.
But at this point, you should know that you need to have at least one external link with dofollow setting on your website.

So, what is ” an external DOFOLLOW link “?

An external Dofollow link is a hyperlink that links to another website or page outside of yours.
By using an external dofollow link on your website, you give search engines the right to track the traffic from that external link and there will be a credit for it.

Note: By default , when you add an external link to your webpage, it will be in DOFOLLOW setting .

seo tips

8- Internal Links

One Of the best practices to decrease the bounce rate of your website is by putting internal links inside your webpages .

But, What are ” internal links ” ?

Internal links are the links on your page which drive traffic to other pages on your own website .


9- Keyword density

Keyword density along the whole page is very vital, it’s recommended to be more than 1% and less than 2.5%.

Which means if you write 1000 words on a page ( Including headlines ) , you should use the focus or side keywords at least 10 times and not more than 25.

10-The ideal word count for SEO

One of the most effective ways to increase ranking on search engines is by writing long , high-quality content on your website, And it’s always recommended to have at least 600 words per page on your website.

Which means for each and every single article or product description you write about your products should not be less than 600 words.

But, remember that the amount to rank higher depends also on the keyword and the competition you have for it.

11- LSI keywords

LSI keywords are search terms that are related to the focus keyword .

For example , if our focus keyword is ‘ headsets ‘, then we can consider the list below as lsi keywords , and our content should conclude them :
1- headsets for xbox
2-headsets for pc
3- headsets for ps4
4- headsets with microphone ..
As you can notice , these lsi keywords are not the synonyms of our focus keyword but they’re somehow connected
So when we start mentioning them , search engines begin to understand what our page is about.

In order to find the best LSI keywords, I highly recommend you using the Rankmath integrated lsi keywords tool , which give you multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword for free.

All you need to do is follow the steps below :

1- Go to the Rankmath setting

2- Connect your account 

seo tips
seo tips

3- Rankmath will start automatically generating lsi keywords for each keyword you write.

seo tips

12- Keyword in the first 10 %

The last seo tip you should consider using is always make sure to use the focus keyword in the first 10 % of your webpage .


These were 12 of the best seo tips that you can implement in your website . But, remember that seo takes time and patience and you need to put a lot of hard work to see the results you’re looking for.

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