5 Best Keyword Research Softwares In 2023

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5 Best Keyword Research Softwares In 2023

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One of the best SEO tactics to increase the visibility and ranking of any website is by choosing the right keywords .

And there are many tools that can help you do your keyword research , but not all of them are accurate and effective.

For that reason , we’ll present to you in this article a list of the five best keyword research softwares that can help you  to find the exact keywords that your audience are looking for.

Table Of Content ( 5 Best Keyword Research Softwares ) :

1- SEMrush




5-Google keyword planner

1- SEMrush:

Semrush is an all in one seo toolkit designed specially to help its users to optimize their
websites for search engines, including keyword research, site audits and link building.

How To Do Keyword Research In SEMrush ?

1-keyword Magic tool:

1-1 – Sign Up To SEMrush.

1-2 – Click On ‘ Keyword Magic Tool ‘

best keyword research software

1-3- Enter Your Seed Keyword, For Example : ” Clickfunnels “

best keyword research software

After clicking on ” search ” , SEMrush will display all the keywords related to your main keyword with their : search volume, Average Difficulty, Total Volume, Cost Per Click …

If you want to filter your keywords for more advanced options like ‘ Word count’ , ‘ Volume Competitive density ‘ … , Click On the ” Advanced Filters “.

1-4- Last step, Select Keywords You Like and Add them to your list

best keyword research software

2-Organic Research Tool:

2-1- Click On ” Organic Research “

best keyword research software

2-2- Paste Your Competitors URLs

best keyword research software

After clicking on ” search ” , SEMrush will display all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, their top organic keywords, estimated search volume…

best keyword research software

With the help of these insights, you can easily get an idea of how your competitors work and how you can overcome them .

2-3- Select all the data you’re interested in and add it to your keyword list or export it directly to an excel sheet.

best keyword research software

How Much Does SEMrush Cost ?

SEMrush offers three paid plans. The Pro plan is $119, the Guru plan is $229, and the Business plan is $449.

best keyword research software

Pro Tip: Semrush is expensive specially for beginners. But, If you’re serious about SEO , it’ s the best choice for you.

If you want to get a 14 days free trial of the free plan, click on the button below :
” SEMrush “


Ahrefs is a complete seo toolset that is designed specially to help people get higher Google rankings.

Ahrefs contains a lot of seo tools such as : keyword research, link building competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. And Today, we’re gonna try to breakdown the keyword research of ahrefs and see how it works ?

So, How To Do Keyword Research With Ahrefs ?

1-Sign Up For Ahrefs.

2- Click On ” Keyword Explorer “

3- Enter your main keyword, For Example : ‘ Keto recipes ‘

best keyword research software

Once You Enter your seed keyword , ahrefs will display a super in depth informations on that keyword .

Of course, you get the data you’d expect like keyword difficulty, search volume …, just like other keyword research tools .

But the special thing about Ahrefs is that you also get to see the keyword’s number of clicks ( how many searchers actually click on that keyword ):

best keyword research software

Cost per click:

best keyword research software

And ,Clicks per search :

best keyword research software

But, Why is this stuff important?
Or, put another way: what’s the problem with just looking at a keyword’s search volume?

Simply, because most of the times people search for certain keywords and they don’t really click on them, that’s why the keyword search volume can be tricky sometimes and it’s not always a solid indicator/metric to rely on.

Let me explain with a real example:
For Example, take a keyword like “ Welding ”.

best keyword research software

According to Keywords Explorer, that term gets 71K searches per month.But only 26k People actually click on it.
Which means that not all the people who search for a keyword actually click on it.

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost ?

Ahrefs pricing plans start from 99$ per month to 999$ per month.

best keyword research software

You can test out the product by opting for the 7 days trial for $7, Which can give you a real
understanding of how the tool works and how it can help your business.

Pro tip: If you’re a small business owner, the lite plan ( 99$ /month ) will be enough for you .


Ubersuggest is an all in one seo tool that can help anyone who’s looking for a free keyword
research tool to find keyword ideas.

But, the free version of Ubersuggest is limited. So, If you want to unlock all the features , you’ll need to buy the paid plan .

How To Do Keyword Research In Ubersuggest ?

1- Go to the Ubersuggest Website and Sign Up For An Account.

best keyword research software

2- Click On ‘ Keyword Research ‘

best keyword research software

As you can see in the image above , The Keyword Research tool contain 5 sections ( Keyword Overview, Keyword Visualization, Keyword By Traffic, Similar Websites, Content Ideas ).

Personally, I only use three of them , Which are : Keyword Overview , Keyword By Traffic and the keyword ideas, and I’m gonna show you exactly how to use each one of them .

2-1- Keyword Overview:

Once you enter your seed keyword , the tool will come back with a detailed breakdown of the keyword.

best keyword research software

It will show:

1- Search Volume : how many people search for the keyword.
2-Seo difficulty : how hard is it to rank for that keyword organically.

3- Paid Difficulty: how many people are competing in paid search for that keyword.

4- PPC Cost : how much it costs on average to pay for the CPC.

You also receive the number of people who actually click on the keyword, searcher’s age range and the graphical view for desktop and mobile traffic.

best keyword research software

2-2- Keyword ideas:

As the name suggest , this section help you find more keywords related to your main one.

best keyword research software

You can simply use this feature to search for keywords that have low competition and high search volume, so you can aim for those keywords where you have the potential to rank in quickly.

After you select your keywords , you can copy them in a clipboard or download them into an excel file.

best keyword research software

2-3- Keyword By Traffic:

This feature allows you to enter any domain name of your choice and get the top ranking
keywords that website is ranking for.

I personaly use this feature a lot , because it allows me to spy on all of my competitors websites and know what keywords they rank for , so I get an idea of what keywords i also should use on my website.

If you select the ” search result button “, you can see all the top results for each keyword.

best keyword research software

After you finish analysing your competitors keywords , you can select the ones you like and
copy them in your clickboard or export them directly to a CSV.

How Much Does Ubersuggest Cost ?

Ubersuggest has three main plans that primarily vary on the number of keywords and sites that you can track.

The first plan costs 12 USD /month ( For Entrepreneurs and small businesses who manage only 1 Website )

best keyword research software

The Second plan costs 20 USD /month ( For small and medium businesses who manage
between 4-7 Websites )

best keyword research software

The third plan costs 40 USD /month ( For Large businesses and agencies who manage more
than 8 Websites)

best keyword research software

PRO TIPS : You can still use the tool for free if you want to, but with limited features.

4- Jaaxy :

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that can help anyone to do keyword research in a very simple way.

Jaaxy is one of those few tools that can generate thousands of related keyword ideas within seconds and give you detailed data on every keyword it generates .

So, How To Do Keyword Research Using Jaaxy ?

1- Sign Up For A free account on Jaaxy.

2- Click On Keyword And Write Your Seed Keyword

best keyword research software

After you enter your main keyword and click on ‘ search ‘ jaaxy will start displaying all the keywords related to it with all the metrics that you need such as : the average monthly searches, keyword quality indicator …

Personally , I think the best feature is The ” QSR “which stands for ‘ Quoted Search Result ‘, This feature allows us to know exactly the number of competing websites that are trying to rank for a certain keyword.

The lower the number , the better chance you have to rank for that keyword.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost ?

 Jaaxy Offers three main packs :

best keyword research software

2- Pro : 49$/month

best keyword research software

3- Enterprise : 99$/Month

best keyword research software

5-Google keyword planner:

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that is designed to identify and discover new keyword ideas to help you reach more people interested in your products and services.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner ?

1- Go To Your Google Ads Account

2- Click On ‘ Tools And Setting ‘ And Select ‘ Keyword Planner ‘

best keyword research software

3- Two Option will be displayed, Select ” Discover New Keywords “

best keyword research software

4- Enter Your Main and side Keywords ( Don’t forget to change the country and language ).

best keyword research software

After you click on ‘ Get Results ‘, Google will show you all the related keywords with all the necessary metrics such as : the average monthly searches, competition …

best keyword research software

How Much Does Google Keyword Planner Cost ?

It’s Totally FREE.


There you have it: 5 of the best free and paid keyword research softwares.
Did I miss any other quality tools? If YES , Drop It In The Comment Section.

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